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What is a Small Business
Consulting Firm


Honestly, we aren't really sure what a Small Business Consulting firm is but it sounded professional.


SmallRises was founded on the principal of innovating Small Businesses to reduce the workload held often by the owner alone. The easiest way we have found to reduce a workload while simultaneously growing a business with the same employee cost is to improve efficiencies. And that is where we come in. 


Our team collaborates with a variety of experts to supplement where your business needs guidance. SmallRises approaches customers not as experts but as innovators to help form your business into a more secure and stable future guided by you.


We specialize in Management Training, Process Improvement, Procedure Writing, Customer Relation Management, and Report Designing. We are a team of individuals that have a variety of experiences in successful large and small companies and together we want to see yours rise

How can we help you?

...but how can we help you?

Our Team each specializes in a variety of areas and together they form a unified 'Go-To' for your Small Business. SmallRises aims to fill the tasks that need to be handled by an experienced individual. Our goal is develop your business by filling in the gaps. ​​

Report Design

  • Is your ERP software not generating the report that you need?​

  • Are your excel spreadsheets dated and need to be designed for fail safe data entry? 

  • Can you see the information that you want to see?

Customer Relation Management

  • Is your Sales Team lacking a clear reporting program?​

  • Is your CRM Software working for you or are you fighting to get it to do what you want?

  • Do you accurately know which Sales Representatives are hitting their goals and which are not? 

  • Do you have a standard Quoting Format and is it being followed?


  • Are you trying to get ISO Accredited and do not know where to start?​

  • Do you need an HSE Manual to expand your small business?

  • Do you have documented policy's available for your employees when job transitions occur?

Process Improvement

  • Do you spend hours at night trying to figure out what small items were missed throughout the day?​

  • Are your customers complaining about the turnaround time on your supplies and services?

  • Do you have visibility to see the true work load of each team member?

Management Training

  • Are your managers struggling to keep up? ​

  • Are their conflicts within your team that seem unsolvable?

IT Services

  • Do your computers have viruses?​

  • Are you wanting to create a paperless process?

  • Do you need to develop an approval process between offices?

Human Resources

  • Are you confused about how you need to report New Hires?​

  • Are you looking into adding Health Insurance and Benefits for your employees?


  • Are you trying to standardize your forms?

  • Do you need website updates that can be maintained easily?

  • Are you trying to get found on common search engines and do not know where to start?

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